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Budget Tool

In order to reach your financial goals, you must have a realistic idea of where your monthly income is going and how to adjust your spending and saving based on your desired outcomes. To help you see where your money is going each month, use the budget tool below. If you’d like more money for a specific section, you can subtract, or add from other sections. But remember, writing it down is just the first step – sticking to it each month is what makes the real difference.

{{ simplebudgetCtrl.budgeted | currency }}
{{ simplebudgetCtrl.balance | currency }}
Amount for the Month
{{ allocatedBudget.title }}{{ allocatedBudget.teaser }} {{collapsed && 'less' || !collapsed && 'more'}}
Amount for the Month:
({{ allocatedBudget.userPercentage | percentage:2 }})

We recommend {{allocatedBudget.recommendedPercentage | percentage:2}} of your income go towards {{allocatedBudget.title}}

Remaining Balance: {{ simplebudgetCtrl.balance | currency }}

Create a Budget & Stick To It!

Earning money is great, but spending it properly is even more important.

Step 1

Set Goals
Work with your loved ones to determine your financial goals in life. Be realistic, think long term, and ensure you’re focused on needs rather than wants.

Step 2

Know Your Current Budget
Be honest with yourself about where you’re currently spending your monthly income. Remember every dollar spent and saved should be tracked.

Step 3

Determine Required Changes
Chances are you would like to spend less here or save more there when it comes to your monthly spending. Find new ways to disperse your finances and stick to your commitment. Make adjustments to your budget with the ebbs and flows of your life.

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