Back to School Tips

Are you teary-eyed because you are just a few weeks away from sending your little one to their first day of preschool? Or are you looking forward to getting back into your weekly rhythm for a while? Either way, you can prepare yourself with a few back to school tips from some of First United Bank’s own seasoned parents.

Reset the Internal Clock: It’s likely that your kids have been staying up late, as kids usually do during the summer. Ease them back into a good school-year routine early to ensure they show up bright eyed and eager for that first day of class.When doing this, avoid suddenly moving bedtime up three hours. Instead, Rafael Pelayo, M.D., a pediatric sleep specialist at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic in Redwood City, California recommends moving bedtime up 20 minutes every three days. Also, you could make getting out of bed something they look forward to by letting them watch a little TV or play a quick game – at least for the first few days.

Rewire the Brain: A couple weeks before school starts, wean them off of the iPad’s and into the library. For kids that don’t like reading, try to make the library fun. Let them pick out a book to read, or one you could read to them, and get ice cream on the way back home. For extra fun, you could even set up a hammock in the backyard for a fun place to read!

Get them Excited: Take them to the store and let them pick out their own lunch bags, Ziploc bags, and other lunch items. The kids will be excited for school to start so that they can use their selections! Be sure to remind them of fun school experiences from times past, such as meeting new friends, joining interesting clubs or a certain favorite subject.

The First Day: Go the extra mile the first day of class. Walk them to the class room then take them for ice cream or any kind of treat after school. Make the first day special and they will look forward to the start of school each year. Also, remember to meet the teacher and reconnect your child with friendly schoolmates he likes before the first day. Once the weekend arrives, celebrate the first week of class by taking the family to the go-cart track or putt-putt course or make plans for a picnic in the park.

Save Money: Do a sweep of your desks and/or closets to see what supplies you have hiding that you might not need to repurchase. Check the dollar store for some incredible bargains on the smaller items. Several retailers, including apparel, electronics, and even fast-food, will give a discount when you show a Student ID. According to a 2016 Back-to-School Survey by, more than half of parents said they will shop for back-to-school needs online versus in-store. If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you can save on shipping and receive quick delivery. Be sure to use a Cash-Back or Rewards credit card to earn a well-deserved vacation or pay for holiday and birthday gifts! 

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