Budget Friendly At-Home Activities

Last Summer, my friend and co-worker, Lisa Crawford, shared an article called Budget Friendly Summer. To help us get through this time of social distancing, I thought I would re-share some of her ideas below and add a few of my own!

  • Enjoy a “flick” the old-school way – If you think drive-in movies are a thing-of-the-past, then go old school by using a projector and hanging a white sheet in your backyard to watch a movie under the stars. If you don't have a projector, turn your living room into a fun movie theater!
  • Take a family walk or play outside – Walk or play outside for 30 minutes as a family and share funny stories about each other. Laughter combined with exercise is good for the soul.
  • Schedule a family board game tournament – Dust off the board games and playing cards in your game closet for a family tournament. Have fun with all age levels by battling it out!
  • Have a picnic – Grab an old blanket and some finger foods for a picnic in the yard.
  • Cook with the kids – Bring your kiddos into the kitchen and have them help make a meal. There is no time like the present to teach children how to become "mini chefs!" They can learn how to measure and mix ingredients and time the food.
  • Change Scavenger Hunt – Hide change throughout your house. When they are done finding the change, have them do a "budget simulation" where they can pretend the coins are large bills. For example, a penny could be a pretend hundred dollar bill. They can use this money to pay different "bills" that you create for them. The goal is to see if they have anything left after paying the bills.
  • Sanitize the House- Have children help with wiping down door knobs, switches, counters, etc. The child who does the best or the most sanitizing in a day gets to pick a family fun game that everyone will play for 30 minutes.

We hope these fun and free activities will bring memory-filled blessings that will last a lifetime.

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