Are You on Track to Meet Annual Goals?

Are You on Track to Meet Annual Goals?

Did you know that June 1st is recognized as “National New Year’s Resolution Recommitment Day?” which is another way to say “Are you on track to meet annual goals?”

As we approach this halfway point in the year, this is the perfect time to think about the goals and plans we set for ourselves and businesses this year.

A few months ago, we shared an article titled “Business Planning for the New Year.” This article listed tips for beginning a business plan, reasons why a business plan can benefit you, and what you should do to get started. By clicking here, you can also view the Small Business Administration’s guide on writing your business plan. It’s not too late!

If you would like to simplify the planning process and develop specific solutions for your business, please call or visit any of our First United locations. Or, if you have a plan, but you need help with another financial challenge, visit our Financial Challenge page and together we will work on it.

Our range of solutions can empower your business to plan well, grow wisely, and reach your growth goals for 2017.

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