Call It a Comeback

Everyone loves a good comeback story. Maybe it is because we can relate. Each of us often longs for that dramatic turn of events to happen in our own lives. Interestingly, not only do the perennial “losers” experience comebacks. We find it very inspiring when we find even those whom we consider “the greatest” among us bouncing back from adversity back into greatness. Remember a couple of Super Bowls ago when Tom Brady and company had to overcome an unprecedented 25-point deficit to win the championship? Long story short – we ALL need a comeback, and there is hope for each and every one of us to have one!

In 2 Timothy 3:8-9. Paul mentions two figures who may be obscure to us – Jannes and Jambres – who apparently opposed Moses at some point. Most believe these two men were magicians in Pharaoh’s court who stood against Moses as he was attempting to secure release for God’s people from Egypt (Exodus 7:8ff). They were some powerful tricksters and were able to replicate Moses’ miracles and plagues that were performed by the power of God Himself. Things must have grown discouraging for Moses. Time and time again, Jannes and Jambres were able to do everything Moses was doing. It must have seemed frustrating and even hopeless. But, here’s the kicker – in spite of everything that was going on, Moses NEVER gave up on the God who called and equipped him!

And then something amazing happened! With the plague of gnats God sent to Egypt, the magicians were no longer able to “hang with” Moses (Exodus 8:18-19). They could not perform what God did! And soon, as God continued the plagues, there was no mention of the magicians at all! Eventually, as you likely remember, God won the battle simply using the persistent faithfulness of his servant Moses in a very dark situation. The enemies were defeated, and God and His servant won the victory. What a comeback!

Even against what seemed to be insurmountable odds, Moses never gave up. Even in the face of great opposition and undoubtedly great discouragement, he trusted in God and was available to God to be used by God. And he prevailed in the victory God gave him. Can you just imagine what Moses – the Tom Brady of Old Testament quarterbacks – learned through that process! Somehow, even though Moses couldn’t see or understand it at the time, God had His flawless and trustworthy reasons for carrying out His will in that particular way – just like He does in YOUR life and in MINE.

Never give up! That confidence begins with trusting God and making yourself available to be used in great ways by Him!

Never give up on what God is doing! He sees what you don’t. He understands what you can’t.

Never give up on God! He is the Comeback King!

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