A Prayer Box for Your Cares

A Prayer Box for Your Cares

Do you feel so overwhelmed that you don’t know what else to do, or have you received good news and want to tell everyone? In both cases, God is there for you, in good times and in bad, and he’s waiting to hear from you any time through prayer.

Prayer comes in many forms; there’s no wrong way to talk to God. Some people pray silently in their mind, others hold hands for group prayer or talk verbally to God in private. Many of us pray in multiple ways.

A prayer box is simply a container where you can pray by writing a note to God. Think of it as a mailbox to God.

How to Use a Prayer Box for Concerns

It’s been said that worry is a prayer for something you don’t want to happen. So instead, write about your concerns, fear, discouragement, frustration, and sadness, then place them in the box for God’s attention. You can tell God anything. Then take a deep breath, and give yourself permission to relax. Let go and let God. Let go of the worry, and let God take care of the problem. Every time you feel worry creeping up on you, remind yourself, “This is in God’s hands.” Then do your best to redirect your thoughts to something lighter or something you are grateful for.

A Prayer Box for Gratitude

A common fear is that if you say how lucky you are for something, you’re jinxing your good fortune. God doesn’t work that way. Your gratitude shows God that you notice his hand in your life. So be generous in expressing your gratitude. Write a prayer of gratitude for your prayer box as an instant “thank you” to God.

For the Whole Family

Introducing the idea of a prayer box is also a loving way to remind children to express gratitude and to learn to rely on and turn to God. Even if they are too young to write, they can draw pictures to represent their feelings. Remind siblings to respect the privacy and honor other family members’ prayer boxes.

Choosing a Prayer Box

The type of container really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even have to be a box; it could be a drawer or a bowl.

Beautiful Prayer Boxes

One approach is to make your prayer box beautiful, something that feels special and is kept as a visible reminder of God’s love and dedication to you.

  • A colorful cardboard gift box or bag
  • A jewelry box
  • A decorative dish or candy dish
  • A sugar bowl
  • A wooden box 
  • A paper journal 
  • A family heirloom

Secret Prayer Boxes

Prayers are just between you and God, so it’s okay if your prayer box is kept hidden from prying eyes. Here are some ideas:

  • Slip your prayers inside your Bible or other book.
  • Clean out the inside of a canned good or food box, and store on the shelf in your kitchen or pantry.
  • Inside a sock
  • Slipped inside your wallet
  • In a shoebox on the top shelf of your closet
  • In your glovebox

DIY Prayer Box

Creating your own handmade prayer box is a fun, crafty project to do by yourself or with children. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest. Start by choosing your container. Something with a lid will keep your paper prayers from spilling out. Containers such as these work great:

  • A mint container, such as Altoids
  • Cardboard box, like a shoe box
  • A small plastic container, such as Play-doh 
  • Mason jar, baby food jar, or other glass jar with a lid
  • A coffee tin or tub 
  • A baby wipes container

Then decorate your prayer box with paint, stickers, markers, glitter, quotes, Bible verses, magazine clippings, ribbon, or whatever makes your heart sing.

Enjoy the process of choosing your prayer box, and remember that you are infinitely loved, always forgiven, and never alone.

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