First United Bank Carolyn Mens

Vice President / Loan Review

580-924-2211 Ext 1278

Corporate Office

Carolyn has served as a Commercial Loan Review Officer for First United for over ten years. She is a Certified Financial Crimes Investigator and Fraud Specialist. She graduated from Texas Technological University in Lubbock, Texas with a BBA degree in Real Estate Finance as well as graduated from the Texas Tech School of Banking. She is a member of the Risk Management Association.

Carolyn holds 1500+ hours of formal risk management, loan, compliance and other regulatory training. Prior to joining First United, she spent 12 years as a Field Examiner for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Other past experience includes serving as a Real Estate Loan Officer, work within a title company, Cashier for a financial institution, contract loan review work, Fiduciary Trust compliance review, FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriter, VA Authorized Underwriter and FNMA Delegated Underwriter.

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